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  • Myeres.com offers Digital Marketing for $40/month including setup Social Media and Reputation Management
  • DiGi Hotel Marketing offers NO setup and $79/month Fee Website Templates with your reservation program
  • Myeres.com interfaces with Sitemider.com Channel Manager (Most PMS Systems Interface) and ASI Front Desk PMS
  • Red Roof Corporate is Beta Testing 5 Hotels
  • Myeres.com surpasses over 400 hotel clients across the United States
  • Liberty Hotel Group has Myeres.com do 18 Hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns, and Comfort Suites www.LHGHotels.com

Internet Marketing

We can provide several tools in which we will show you how to increase traffic to your website via search engine optimization, pay per click basis, cross promotion, seeing how your competition is advertising, and email marketing campaigns.

We include search engine optimization, keyword analysis, keyword relevancy, and placement in search engines for free with the purchase of the web site. Includes Google sitemap, yahoo and bing submission, mapquest, 100 search engines, yellowpages. superpages and more.

Analysis and Internet Promotion

Search Submission with discussion of key words and phases along with Description and Title. Actual submission to web portals including once a month resubmission and a review of statistics to find out which portals are producing results and keywords and try to make adjustments on the keywords, phrases, and search engines not producing results.

Search Engine Optimization with links to each page and keyword Density Analysis.

We will also add you to our growing list of clients on their websites to help with links back to your site which will help it boost their positioning with Link popularity on Blogs and Travel Portals

Pay Per Click Campaign

Discussion of Google adword for Pay per Click Basis link on search engines. Discussion of Overature for Pay per click basis link on search engines. We will help set up the pay per click basis with the client telling us what they want to spend each month and we can help review. We can also retreive information on cost effectiveness of the clicks with a knowledge of how many clients actually click on the site and reserve a room online. $10 per month.

Email Promotion

Setup and show you how to use an e-mail campaign with a free shareware bulk email program.(Optional use of an HTML website looking e-mail which will look like your website with links for $50/hour. The email can be easily changed with information and links for free by the client. The page usually takes 2 to 4 hours to set up at $50/hour depending on your needs.)