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  • Myeres.com offers Digital Marketing for $40/month including setup Social Media and Reputation Management
  • DiGi Hotel Marketing offers NO setup and $79/month Fee Website Templates with your reservation program
  • Myeres.com interfaces with Sitemider.com Channel Manager (Most PMS Systems Interface) and ASI Front Desk PMS
  • Red Roof Corporate is Beta Testing 5 Hotels
  • Myeres.com surpasses over 400 hotel clients across the United States
  • Liberty Hotel Group has Myeres.com do 18 Hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns, and Comfort Suites www.LHGHotels.com

Restaurant Website $199 Setup & $19/mo

  • $199 One Time Setup Fee for complete website, 1 year domain name if needed, submission including Google Map listing
  • $19 per month for hosting including Free changes, emails, statistics.
  • NO Contract Month to Month

Example Website:

Needs to Build Out Website:

  • Choice of Template at www.myeres-templates.com
  • Nice size digital pictures. We can brighten and colorize.
  • Choice of domain name.
  • Scanned images of Menus
  • Credit Card for Monthly Charges

Current Restaurant Websites:

Get the exposure you need for your restaurant including indexing in Search Engines, Easy Access to Menu and Hours, Directions, Mobile Exposure if you decide. Join the growing list of restaurants using Myeres.com Template Restaurant Creator.