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  • Myeres.com offers Digital Marketing for $40/month including setup Social Media and Reputation Management
  • DiGi Hotel Marketing offers NO setup and $79/month Fee Website Templates with your reservation program
  • Myeres.com interfaces with Sitemider.com Channel Manager (Most PMS Systems Interface) and ASI Front Desk PMS
  • Red Roof Corporate is Beta Testing 5 Hotels
  • Myeres.com surpasses over 400 hotel clients across the United States
  • Liberty Hotel Group has Myeres.com do 18 Hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns, and Comfort Suites www.LHGHotels.com

Myeres team

Brad Flom

Brad Flom has been in the hospitality industry for 12 years. Building Myeres.com to what it is today with over 250 hotels. Brads 15 years of Retail experience has helped him make a website design and reservation program which helps hotels push slower inventory with specials.

Brad has an Accounting Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and graduated in 1985. Brad has been overseas for more than 3 years at various times. Brad was the founder of Clothes Biz, a off price retail store, withover 40 locations. Brad also owned a computer store for 5 years.


Ryan McCormick
Vice President

Ryan brings over 20 years of programming experience to the development of the Myeres.com software. Ryan is a cofounder in the business has been with Myeres.com since its inception in 2002.

Ryan graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2004 and has worked as as a software and hardware engineer in major companies. Ryan is now working full time with Myeres.com to help continue the best software on the marketplace with great support.


Graphic Design

Jessica brings over 20 years graphical and programming experience to the table. Jessica has been instrumental in the growth of Myeres.com with great custom designs along with templates. Jessica has also been a huge part of the growth with her programming skills to help coordinate graphics and the reservation and mobile software.


Jerre Leahy
Customer Support and Training

Jerre brings over 30 years experience in working with the general public and administrative skills. She has worked over 10 years with the County of San Luis Obispo as an administrative assistant and has helped to organize several departments.