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New Clients


  • Myeres.com offers Digital Marketing for $99/month(Branded $30/mo Higher)including setup Social Media and Reputation Management
  • DiGi Hotel Marketing offers NO setup and $79/month Fee Website Templates with your reservation program
  • Myeres.com interfaces with Sitemider.com Channel Manager (Most PMS Systems Interface), Check In, Ezee Centrix, and ASI Front Desk PMS
  • Myeres.com surpasses over 400 hotel clients across the United States
  • Liberty Hotel Group has Myeres.com do 18 Hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns, and Comfort Suites Liberty Hotel Group
  • Miramar Hospitality has 8 hotels with Myeres.com

Global Distribution System

We will be providing setup and technical support to allow you to easily get up and going.

Website Development and Online Reservations on your Website available.

GDS Prices :

  • 5% or $8/reserervation commission.
  • $7.25 GDS pass through Fee. Net Merchant rates are available for Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline, Booking.com with no commission charge and reduced GDS pass through Fee.
  • $20 per month Pegasus Connection Fee. Includes reduction of Travel Web GDS
  • $6 per month Travelport Connection Fee
  • $9/month for the use of VMI to upload pictures and virtual tours
  • 10% commission to the travel agent
  • $249 setup.
  • Month to Month contract.
  • Optional Net Merchant rates are available for Expedia $2.75/reservation, Orbitz $8.75/reservation, Travelocity $8.75/reservation, Priceline $8.75/reservation, Booking.com $2.75/reservation with no commission charge.

All Major GDS Systems and Internet Travel Sites Represented:

GDS Travel Agent Systems Internet Travel Systems
  • Sabre (US, CA, EU)
  • Amadeus (AU, EU, SA, US)
  • Apollo (US, CA)
  • Galileo (AU, EU, NZ)
  • Abacus (South East Asia)
  • WorldSpan (EU, US, Middle East)
  • System One (US, Canada)
  • Pegasus (Online Distribution)
  • Travelocity (Sabre)
  • Expedia (WorldSpan)
  • TravelNow (Sabre)
  • Orbitz (Pegasus)
  • AOL Travel (Sabre)
  • Yahoo Travel (Sabre)
  • Lodging.com (Galileo)
  • Travel.com (TravelNow)
  • TravelWeb (Pegasus)
  • Cheap Ticket (Pegasus)
  • Hotels.com (Sabre)
  • 1,000's More (Pegasus)
600,000+ Travel Agents
120 Major Travel Web Sites
1,000's of Smaller Travel Sites
One Availability Calendar - One Control Point