Join's growing list of over 140 hotels and growing. Branded hotels are checked on a daily basis for reviews and closing out review on Brand back end.Reduce the stress of Penalties. If several bad reviews on an area will send to Owner for information. If a Bad review will send to manager for response within 24 hours.

Costs $99/mo.

  • Independent Hotels are $99/month and include Reviews Booking & Expedia Every 24 hours/365 days per year to increase Reputation Score, Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp 3 to 5 days.
  • Branded Hotels are $99/month and include 24 hour reviews and includes Reviews Booking, Expedia, Choice Central, Marriott, Hilton Lobby, Medallia Whyndham, Medallia Best Western, Motel 6, IHG Merlin, Sonesta. 3 to 5 days on Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp.